Pay Your Dues

Go GREEN! Pay Your Dues Online!

To pay your dues online, please click HERE! 

On or about the 1st week of November, you will receive an email from MSDA that will include your 2017 MSDA Dues Renewal Invoice containing the above link to direct you to our on line dues payment area.

You Will Need Your ADA# - This is your User ID. 

If you have never accessed this account online, please enter your ADA number as your User ID and then click "Reset My Password" and create a password for your account. If you HAVE renewed online, please enter your current password. 

In 2016, MSDA was one of the top states that used the GO GREEN initiative, having one of the highest number of online renewals! Help us be the #1 ADA Constituent paying online for 2017!

As always, MSDA members will face critical issues that will affect your practice in 2017 so be sure to continue your support of organized dentistry in Maryland by renewing and supporting all the legislative hurdles our profession will have to face!





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