MSDA Staff

Greg Buckler, IOM, MBA, MSM
Executive Director
Greg provides leadership to the staff and manages the day to day operations of the MSDA. He serves as the liaison to the Executive Committee, Board of Trustees, and the House of Delegates. With the Board and staff, Greg works to implement the strategic initiatives and cultivates relationship with its partner organizations that advance the MSDA.

(410) 964-2880 ext 103
(f) (410) 964-0583


Peter Holmes, MS, IOM
Director of  Governance & Patient Relations

Peter provides assistance to the Executive Director and is responsible for Officer Visitations, Board of Trustees, House of Delegates, Maryland Political Action Committee (MARPAC), and Direct Reimbursement. Additionally Mr. Holmes is the patient relations contact for Maryland. He serves as staff liaison to the Legislative Affairs Committee, Committee on Public and Professional Communications, and the Oral Health Advisory Committee, and is the PANDA administrator. Peter is also the Executive Director for the Anne Arundel County Dental Society.

(410) 964-2880 ext 102
(f) (410) 964-0583


Debra Lampton
Education Manager

Debra manages the dental assistant training programs for the MSDA, in addition to the continuing education courses. She is responsible for registering participants of these programs, as well as the attendees of the Chesapeake Dental Conference. Debra oversees registration onsite at the Chesapeake Dental Conference as well. She also manages events held by outside organizations who contract MSDA space. 

(410) 964-2880 ext 105
(f) (410) 964-0583


Alicia Hinkle
Director of Events & Marketing

Alicia manages the annual meeting of the MSDA (Chesapeake Dental Conference), MSDA Member Perks CE Retreats and other events sponsored by the association. Alicia also manages the MSDA marketing, including print newsletters, emails, mailings, social media accounts and more.

(410) 964-2880 ext 114
(f) (410) 964-0583


Heidi Schlosser
Director of Finance

Heidi is responsible for all aspects of the accounting function at the association, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgeting, bank account management, end of year preparation for auditors, and tax returns. She covers all of the other entities that are under the MSDA. She reports to the COO and the Treasurer of the MSDA.

(410) 964-2880 ext 101
(f) (410) 964-0583


Chrys Bell
Director of Membership & MSDA Member Perks

Chrys is responsible for managing all aspects of membership and supporting the Membership Committee and the New Dentist Committee. Chrys also executes the initiatives of the MSDA Member Perks program and is the liaison to the MSDA Endorsed vendors.

(410) 964-2880 ext 124
(f) (410) 964-0583


Eric Biagioli
Manager of the MSDA Charitable & Education Foundation

Manages all the functions of the MSDA Foundation, including but not limited to fundraising, clinic management, marketing, sponsorship facilitation, program impact analysis, and the facilitation/implementation of all Foundation initiatives.

(410) 964-2880 ext 110
(f) (410) 964-0583


Dagim Mengistie
Development Coordinator of the MSDA Charitable & Educational Foundation

Dagim works primarily on fundraising efforts for the MSDA Foundation, as well as assisting with the Capital Campaign and managing the in-kind donations program.

(410) 964-2880 ext 112
(f) (410) 964-0583

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