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Mentor Program

Mentor Program - Student Application
Mentor Program - MSDA Member Application

Working with your school's ASDA leaders and Office of Student Affairs, the Membership
Committee of the Maryland State Dental Association invites you to participate in the
MSDA Mentorship Program. By taking part in the program, you will be paired with a
dentist/MSDA member who will serve as your mentor, advisor, colleague, and friend.

Your responsibilities to participate in the MSDA's mentorship program will include:

1. Forming a personal relationship with an MSDA member dentist.

2. Making a commitment to meet with your mentor for practical experience in the
professional and economic management of a dental practice.
3. Attending professional conferences with your mentor, when appropriate.
4. Maintaining your commitment to the Mentor Program by maintaining contact between you
and your mentor.
5. Being polite, courteous, responsible, and professional when interacting with your mentor.
If you are interested in actively participating in this program, and you are willing to
devote the time to make it work, then please complete the form above.
We think this program is a golden opportunity for students to form a closer relationship
with a practicing dentist and become familiar with the world of dentistry. The information
will be used to match to applicants with a practicing dentist.