SB 284 - Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Dental Coverage for Adults. This bill would support reinstatement of Adult Dental Medicaid Benefits. The Maryland Healthy Smiles Program has worked wonders for children across the state. In 2015, 69 percent of Maryland’s Medicaid enrolled children obtained dental treatment in the prior 12 months, much better than the national average. This bill would extend dental Medicaid benefits to the neediest adults in Maryland. Passage and implementation of this bill would greatly reduce wasted Medicaid dollars being spent on Emergency Department visits for dental pain. This would also reduce the number of opioids being prescribed to manage this dental pain. Support           


HB 438 - State Board of Dental Examiners - Ownership, Management or Operation of a Dental Practice.  This bill would ensure continuation of existing law that protects the dentist/patient relationship from outside/non-dentist equity interference. This bill would continue to allow Maryland dentists to hire outside firms to do managerial tasks, and to provide consulting services such as accounting, payroll, staff training. However, it prohibits the practice of “fee splitting” and "revenue sharing" (a violation of the ADA Code of Ethical Conduct) and interference with clinical decisions and treatment. Support        


HB 652 - Health Occupations -  Violations of the Maryland Dentistry Act - Penalties and Cease and Desist Orders.  The Maryland State Board of Dental Examiners (MSBDE) has had issues stopping suspended dentists, dental labs, and non-licensed individuals from practicing dentistry or dental hygiene. This bill would increase the penalties for practicing without a dental license and allow the MSBDE authority to issue a cease and desist order.  Support         


HB 800/SB 934 - State Board of Dental Examiners - Licensure - Faculty Members at University of Maryland School of Dentistry.  These bills would allow paid full-time dental school faculty at the University of Maryland who have a teaching license, to obtain a full dental license after: 1) teaching seven years at the Dental School; 2) passing the national ADEX examination; and 3) receiving board certification within their specialty of dental practice. This bill is consistent with MSDA House of Delegates Resolution 11-110RC.  Support          


HB 70 - Maryland Dentistry Act - Scope of Practice and Penalties for Violations.  This bill is being proposed by the Dental Service Organizations (non-dentist owned or controlled dental practices) and would allow non-dentists to control, manage and share in revenues of dental practices in Maryland. For the reasons listed above in HB 438, we oppose this bill.  Oppose           


HB 879/SB 544 - Health Occupations - Advanced Practice Dental Hygiene.  This bill would set up a two-tiered dental healthcare system with those with the most need obtaining dental care from the least trained individuals (Advanced Practice Dental Hygienists/Dental Therapists). Passage of this bill will not decrease the cost of care as dental fees are set by procedure code, not by who provides the care. This bill would further increase the cost of dental education and place the Maryland State Board of Dental Examiners in the nearly impossible position of determining educational requirements for a mid-level provider program for which there is no national accreditation. The Board would also have to approve examinations when there are none offered by a national or regional testing agency.  Oppose 

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