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DAC Give Back Cambridge Course Listing

Sponsored by MSDA's Endorsed Vendors

Friday, November 4, 2016

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM          Class IV Cosmetic Restorations: The Art & Science of Beautiful Smiles
                                            HANDS ON
                                            by: Dr. Brian Gray
                                            Sponsored by: Tokuyama Dental America
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM             Essentials of Sedation and Anesthesia in Dentistry
                                             by: Dr. Marvin Leventer
Saturday, November 5, 2016

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM          DJDs (Degenerative Joint Diseases) of the TMJ and their Influence on Premature 
                                           Wear of the Dentition and the Whole Masticatory System
                                            by: Dr. Alain Aubé

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM            How to Identify $100,000 Hidden Risks in the Dental Office Lease and                                                    Lower Costs
                                           by: Mr. Sina Amiri

Course Descriptions
Class IV Cosmetic Restorations: Art & Science of Beautiful Smiles (HANDS ON)
by: Brian Gray, DDS

This hands-on workshop will illustrate the versatility of using composite to create an invisible Class IV restoration using a naturally shaded composite system. Topics to be covered include proper preparation design, shade selection, composite placement, layering, finishing and polishing. Participants will learn a systematic technique to achieve proper contour, form, and texture while achieving a stunning, functional result.

Participants are suggested to bring magnification loupes and light source, if used in their regular clinical setting.

Educational Objectives:
1. Review of shade selection, color, translucency, opacity and simplifying the concept of hue, chroma and value.
2. Learn how to perform simple and complex layered Class IV restorations.
3. Learn how to layer in a polychromatic approach to create lifelike variations and natural appearance in the final result.
4. Develop consistent finishing and polishing steps for easy life-like long term results.

Essentials in Sedation and Anesthesia in Dentistry

By: Dr. Marvin Leventer

This seminar will offer a review of pros, cons, risks, objectives of oral sedation, nitrous oxide, IV moderate sedation and general anesthesia. Both pediatric and adult patient issues will be covered.


Objectives include how to do a proper patient assessment, how to provide appropriate airway management, understand what monitors are needed and how to use them.


Case reports will be presented which highlight how to provide safe care.

DJDs (Degenerative Join Diseases) of the TMJ and their Influence on Premature Wear of the Dentition and the Whole Masticatory System
by: Dr. Alain Aubé

It has now been scientifically demonstrated that a vast majority of the population has some degree of TMJ degeneration. These degenerations create bite changes. When the bite changes, unbalanced occlusal forces occur and very often the masticatory muscles become hyperactive exerting excessive pressure on the teeth, the periodontium, the maxillas and the joints, with the all consequences of premature wear we know may ensue. This lecture/course will explain and illustrate this through a series of case presentations and new scientific data.


How to Identify $100,000 Hidden Risks in the Dental Office Lease and Lower Costs

By: Sina Amiri

*Please note: This course will not be eligible for Maryland license renewal. 

Whether a dentist is starting a practice, renewing their office lease, buying or selling, transitioning or relocating, it’s critical that the lease is set up to protect their investment, and prevent landlords from gaining an unfair advantage.

Join Cirrus for an important seminar about the dental office lease where dentists will learn how to identify the top risks in the lease, how to negotiate them out, lower costs, and set up the lease for long-term practice success.


Seminar Topics Covered:

•How to determine if you’re overpaying in rent.

•How to identify the top hidden traps in your office lease and convert them into tools that will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars

•Lease negotiation tactics and how to use them to help lower costs.

•How to reduce personal risk: the dangers of signing your lease in your personal name vs. a shell corporation.

•How every time you sign a lease you are committing to $1,000,000 or more in rent and expenses.

•How to structure your lease to minimize landlord interference when planning to sell your practice or renew your lease.

When to start the lease renewal process in order to get the best deal possible.