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Our Mission

The Mission of the MSDA is to serve as the most trusted resource for the dental profession and be its leading provider in advocacy, legislation, education, and member services.

MSDA... Making a Difference in Your Practice
There are many benefits of MSDA membership that cannot be measured by dollars and cents. MSDA is about growth, knowledge and support, both professionally and personally. It is vital to a dentist who wants to become the best practitioner they can be.

High quality, affordable, local CE and top rated basic dental assisting courses

The fastest way to be informed of changing regulations, industry updates and concerns in the oral health community, as well as the answers to all your needs and concerns. "The MSDA has played an important role in my career both in dental school and now in practice." Jonathan Soistman, DDS

Build relationships through a large diverse dental community. "You may meet some of the closest friends you will ever have and when unexpected issues come up, having close professional friends could make a difference in how well you and your practice survive.” Marc Nuger, DDS

Renowned, experienced representation in Annapolis. "I know that someone is fighting for me in the political arena and I am supporting them by being a member.” Jeff Luzader, DDS

MSDA has the access, knowledge and know how that leads to you having a more successful practice.
"It makes you a better dentist because it opens the door to leadership and rising above the day-to day average that many dentists make do with.” Adam Schneider, DDS